Types of Lawyers: "Elder Law" Through "Taxation".

Elder law . The types of lawyers who practice in this legal profession generally concern themselves with the issues related to the elderly and how to properly care for the elderly. Aspects of elder law include estate planning, disability, health care, retirement, social security, pension plans, wills, trusts, taxes, financial planning, insurance, nursing home care (heavy use), age discrimination and elder abuse.

Health law . The lawyers who practice in this legal profession concern themselves with legal aspects affecting the health care industry and the application of same to patients, providers and vendors in the health care industry.

Human rights law . Human rights law concerns laws designed to promote and protect human rights at the international, regional and domestic levels.

Information technology law . IT law governs the process and dissemination of information digitally and includes aspects relating to computer software, control of digital information, privacy, security, and electronic commerce. Heavy use of intellectual property law and knowledge of same required.

Immigration law. Every country has its own requirements for becoming a citizen, being employed as a non-citizen, deportation, and asylum procedures. The lawyers who practice in this legal profession must maneuver through such laws to assist clients in obtaining citizenship, work visas, student visas, and other related matters.

Insurance law. Insurance law covers insurance policies, claims and other duties that apply to the insurance industry. Workers compensation, health insurance, life insurance, disability, malpractice, and the fraud that goes along with same are covered under this field of law. The types of lawyers who practice in this legal profession often have to analyze the following: Under what circumstances can an insurance claim be denied?

Intellectual property law. Intellectual property concerns goods/property that are not tangible; such as writing, music, cartoons, brand names, logos, and software. The types of lawyers who practice in this legal profession will have to deal with concerns regarding rights to possession of the work, who cannot possess the work, preserving the work’s integrity, copyright, trademark, patent, and trade secrets.

International law. International law concerns the relations between different nations, various treaties, trade, contracts, regulations and policies between nations, and how conflicts are resolved.

Labor law. Labor law concerns the rights and liabilities of workers and the companies that employ them. The object of many labor laws is to equalize the bargaining power between employers and employees, considerations include work environments, health benefits, fair promotion/termination policies, and protection against unfair discipline.

Real estate law. The types of lawyers who practice in this legal profession address the rights of those who own real estate, how it is bought and sold, how certain permission or easement rights are granted, how real property or space is leased to tenants, title and boundary lines, zoning, land use, foreclosure.

Taxation. Tax law concerns how a government levies on economic and other transactions. The types of lawyers who practice in this legal profession defend against audits, liens, and attempt to reduce fines on behalf of their clients. This field of law changes yearly, and certain accounting knowledge is required.

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