Your Pre Law Investigation Requires Learning From Those Who Actually Practice Law.

The Pre Law section of is dedicated to educating you on how to be a lawyer, and NOT the technical process... other pages of are dedicated to the technical process of becoming a lawyer (for example; LSAT, Law School, Types of Lawyers, etc.) please review same before reviewing this section. This Pre Law section is designed specifically for those who already have a basic conceptual understanding of the technical process and how to become a lawyer. The goal of this section is to gain insight into the actual practice of law, skills associated with same, and lessons from practicing attorneys.

Most of the information on the internet regarding how to become a lawyer focuses solely on the technical aspects of becoming a lawyer… there are thousands upon thousands of web pages, and e-books, that are designed to help you score higher on your LSAT or help you get into law school. The problem is that all of these materials are created by people who exist in the academic world, and not by lawyers who ACTUALLY PRACTICE. Most lawyers who actually practice devote their full time to their practice and do not have the time to mentor up and coming lawyers/law students.

Here at we believe that if you are considering law school and a legal career you should learn from those who sleep, eat and breathe the practice of law, and an integral part of that is learning from real world experiences. This section of our website will be full of material and real world examples that will assist your pre law investigation of how to BE a lawyer.

The more you learn about what lawyers do on a day to day basis, the easier it will be for you to make your decision to commit to law school and a legal career.

Even if you decide not to commit to law school (after you have completed a full investigation of same) the skills you read about here will help you in all aspects of business life and skills that will come in handy when you have any contact with the law and lawyers in the future.

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